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We believe that remembrance services and celebratory events are enriched when guests actively participate so that the shared experience resonates in the hearts and minds of the family being honored.


Our commitment is to help families make the most out of their ceremonial experience by delivering music that is the focused expression of their vision so that the once in a lifetime service is truly experienced.


We are responsive, resourceful & have a high standard of being prepared.  

We guide the process from start to finish so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your music is cared for.


Our Cantors, Accompanists, and Instrumentalists love sharing the gift of music & are committed to serve and honor their community through leadership, charity & continued education.


Cantors to lead the assembly in song

Soloists to refine the moment
Instrumentalists to provide ambiance
Coaches and accompanists to support
gifted family and friends.

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