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"We had so many compliments! My mom loved music and I’m sure she heard you from Heaven.
Thank you so much! It brings tears to my eyes remembering that a beautiful job you did."
-The Hebrink Daughters

"We have always had music at our family gatherings. 
When Brianna recommended a guitar player who sings-it seemed the perfect choice! Mom would have loved the service.  We are so grateful to you for lifting our spirits up with your music.”  -The family of Eva Braneem

"We all want to thank you for lending your beautiful voice to the celebration of our Dad’s funeral last week.  The music & your singing contributed much to a deeply meaningful service."
With thanks, The family of Heinz Stenemann

"Ryan enriches our funeral celebrations here at St. Peter's. His voice is undeniably beautiful and always a pleasure to listen to, more than that, he brings to his singing a prayerful respect for the occasion that is a rare gift. Families will often make a point to share with us how special they felt the music was when Ryan cantors one of our funeral Masses. 

In addition to his talent, which is enough on its own, Ryan is truly a professional and a joy to work with. Recently, the accompanist scheduled to be at a funeral Mass didn't show up and Ryan jumped in and helped us avoid what could have been a very difficult situation. He fulfilled both roles with just a few minutes notice with great generosity of spirit and the family never even noticed that there had nearly been a catastrophe. Ryan really has been a treasure in our funeral ministry." -Lisa Amos, Pastoral Associate, Church of St. Peter


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